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20 April 2021

Curro Online | The difference between online learning, remote learning, and home schooling.
17 June 2020

Curro Holdings, South Africa’s largest independent education provider, is launching Curro Online – the group’s first online school that offers a flexible yet structured education model, with classes taught by Curro teachers.

COVID-19 has changed the education landscape as we know it, with education having to move into an online capacity in a short time-frame. As a result, there appears be some confusion around the various online education offerings. This fact sheet serves to outline the difference between online learning, remote learning and home schooling.

What is online learning?

Online learning is education designed to take place completely in an online capacity and not in a traditional classroom. It is also referred to as ‘e-learning’. There is a shift away from top-down teaching to a more interactive, collaborative approach whereby learners and teachers co-create the learning process.

This education approach empowers learners to become active in the process of taking ownership of their own learning experience.

Although very similar to remote learning, online learning differs in that it starts and ends as an online learning experience only. Remote learning on the other hand, takes advantage of past or future classroom interaction.

What is home-schooling?

Home-schooling refers to learning that happens outside of the school classroom environment – typically at a learner’s home. It involves a commitment by a parent or guardian who takes on the role as teacher, and oversees their child's educational development. 

Home-schooling puts all the pressure of the child’s educational development on the parents, and therefore is an option that is only considered by parents who believe they can provide the necessary support to their child.

What is remote learning?

Remote learning is where the learner and the teacher are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment. Instead, information is relayed through means of technology, such as video conferencing, pre-recorded video material, and online assessments. Remote learning can occur synchronously with live teacher and/ or peer-to-peer interaction and collaboration, or asynchronously, whereby the learners completes learning activities at their own pace.

What is emergency remote learning?

As a result of COVID-19, the education environment has had to adapt to an emergency remote learning approach. In contrast to regular remote learning that is designed to be conducted online, emergency remote learning is a temporary shift to an alternate delivery mode due to crisis circumstances. It involves remote and virtual teaching solutions that would have been delivered face-to-face, and will return to that format once the crisis or emergency has passed.

Where is Curro Online positioned in the online education landscape?

Curro Online is an online learning solution. It is not a home-schooling model, where parents need to take on the responsibility of teaching and continuous supervision. It is a learn-from-home model with CAPS curriculum aligned online material created and taught by Curro teachers. It has been developed as a solution where learners will not need a classroom environment to connect with each other. Parents can be rest assured that their child’s academic career is well taken care of.

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